Erectile Dysfunction Cures And Treatments

What is generic Viagra?

Brand and generic Viagra have a lot in common but still they are different. What are the peculiarities of these two medicines and are they helpful to the same extent? We are going to answer the questions and comment on the alternative effective remedies. If you decide to try another treatment and buy Cialis online, you’ll know what you should expect of it.

Are you ready to pay for brand?

erectile dysfunction treatmentsViagra was invented in 1998 and since that time it has been used for its intended purposes without fail. Nobody has any doubt that it really works. These magic blue pills have become a rescue for the patients with erectile dysfunction manifesting as a part of a disease or separate medical condition. The physicians specify the list of health problems, which can cause impotence or difficulties with erections. On the web-site you can find the detailed information as to different disorders demanding erectile dysfunction treatments. Among them the following ones should be mentioned:

  • chronic diabetes;
  • neurological disorders like stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases;
  • problems with prostate;
  • atherosclerosis and other cardiac-related deviations
  • emotional disorders like depression including helplessness and continuous fatigue.

Almost in all above cases ed treatment suggests that a man should change lifestyle and consult with a doctor. If there are no contra indications, the Sildenafil will help to regain strength. This acting substance is the main component of Viagra. Taking into account the perfect effect of the remedy, the producer, company Pfizer, took out a patent for this invention and that is why its price is rather high. In order to make the treatment available for the patients at large, this composition of a medicine is used for a generic analogue.

Generic Viagra effect

Generic Viagra is not produced by Pfizer but it is also intended for treatment of erectile dysfunction and contains Sildenafil. The same ingredients prove to be effective just as the components of brand pills but there is no need in a prescription for buying the tabs in any online pharmacy. The dosage of these erectile dysfunction cures is determined in accordance with a problem. It is recommended to start with 50 mg and increase the quantity of active substance due to the result. Do not divide a pill into several parts, escape fatty meals before intake and do not mix it with nitric oxide donators and other ED remedies and drugs treating angina. The price for this erectile dysfunction treatment is not high as far as the companies producing generic drugs do not carry out the research like Pfizer does and do not spend money on the development of the medication because all marketing is already done. Thus, you can see that the only difference between two kinds of Viagra is the price.

In addition to these pills you can find many products at the market supposed to treat erectile dysfunction in men. The most popular are the ones containing Tadalafilum. This component acts even faster and the effect continues for a longer time.